We’ve come a long way since the day when Henry Ford stumbled upon the incredible idea of having an assembly line to speed up the process of making automobiles. Now, the Ford company is known around the world and produces an immense number of vehicles every single day. In plenty of futuristic books the authors predicted that we would have flying cars by now and the fact is that we do, but they don’t look like the cars you see on the road. For that reason in this article we will be discussing the topic of cars, our version of flying cars, and how electric cars are going to flood the streets.

The Future Is Here, and So Are Flying Cars

The future is always here as the now. There’s no such thing as the past or the future because we’re always living in one snapshot of time which disappears and the next one appears without notice. So, we’re already in the future and with every new step in technology we take, we don’t get closer to a distant future, but instead we upgrade our current life. Vehicles have evolved tremendously up to this point and it will only be a matter of time before we have real hover cars to substitute our two-dimensional wheeled motors.

The reason why people don’t believe we have flying cars is because they expect them to look like what’s already on the road. The fact is that if you look up you will see our flying cars in the form of helicopters, jets, airplanes, and other flying vehicles. They are not as efficient as they could be, and not everyone can fly a plane so that’s the reason why we still drive on four wheels.

Electric cars are pioneering the way to full autonomy in their electric vehicles with many private home charging docks. These electric cars are safer than even the most experienced driver and have already prevented hundreds of accidents. Their sensors know what’s around them at all times and so this allows the car to drive itself, park itself, and even sing a cute song. It has taken a while for the company to produce enough cars to make a bigger impact, but with the latest affordable addition the masses will be able to make the dream of having 100% electric vehicles, a reality.


In conclusion in this article we discussed the topic of cars and why it’s true that we already have flying cars. They’re just not in the same shape or form that we see on the road. These flying cars have wings and propellers and are used to report the news. However, as technology continues to improve, soon we will be able to talk to our car. It will come pick us up wherever we are, and we will gracefully hover into the air as it takes us to our super advanced home.

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