So, you are prepared to ship your automobile. You’ve been reading online about auto shipping scams and are concerned it may occur to you. An automobile is a necessity in the life of the majority of people. They ride it to the grocery store and to work. When you send your automobile, it might be unpleasant and annoying if it arrives late. Unfortunately, this might happen if you don’t know how to investigate automobile shippers and ensure they keep their word.

The good news is that there are many legal car shipping services to choose from these days. Finding a reliable business to transport your precious cargo just requires you to know what to search for.

Ways to avoid car shipping scams

It might be challenging to tell a reputable auto shipper from a car shipping con artist. Auto transport fraudsters may seem quite educated about the automobile shipping procedure since they have very well-produced websites and representatives with outstanding communication skills.

However, there are significant odds of making the right choice and sending your vehicle to a reliable auto shipping business if you perform adequate research on the service provider. You can make the best choice with the aid of some advice:

·        Do proper research:

The most crucial piece of advice is to conduct research. Don’t merely base your choice on a stunning website, the words of a persuasive salesperson, or the cost. You should read authentic consumer reviews. Several excellent resources are available, including Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau.

A name, logo, contact information, and/or address should all be available on the website of any reliable vehicle transport business. Any trustworthy organization will always state whether they are carriers or brokers. You’d be better off leaving the website immediately if you can’t discover this info because you contacted the primary supplier for auto transportation.

·        Broker or Carrier – know the difference:

You may arrange for your vehicle to be transported through a carrier or a broker. A broker acts as a middleman and will shop for the best rates from other carriers on your behalf. If they’re reputable, they’ll also assist you in locating the Carrier that is most appropriate for your particular circumstance and vehicle.

Your automobile will be transported by a single company known as a carrier. Even yet, approach cautiously since some brokers merely work to obtain you the greatest price rather than the finest auto shipper for your particular circumstance. However, since brokers have a wide range of carriers to select from, they can frequently find you lower rates. Because you are eliminating the middleman, carriers send your automobile more quickly. You only deal with one firm, so you know who to blame if something goes wrong.

·        Check reviews to get an understanding of insurance, hidden fees, and late delivery:

You should look at unfavorable reviews when browsing a company’s page. You may often order items by the lowest star rating. Make sure to read the negative reviews also.

BE ALERT! Some firms will create fictitious, favorable evaluations for businesses. On websites, high star ratings might be misleading. Make careful to read unfavorable reviews. Companies that alter prices, delay deliveries, and employ carriers with insufficient or nonexistent cargo insurance will be easy to spot. These are the people you should avoid at all costs.

·        Verify the necessary licensing and registration:

When conversing with a potential firm, ask for their licensing and registration information. You should also check the information for accuracy on the FMCSA website. You may get information on the history of the transporter on this page in addition to receiving these credentials.

·        Extremely low prices are a red alert for you:

There’s a significant probability the pricing is fake if it appears too fantastic to be true. To draw clients, some businesses may advertise absurdly cheap pricing much lower than their rivals. However, if you read the tiny print carefully, you will see additional costs for what is marketed as “upgrades” to essential services. Keep in mind that prices shouldn’t vary much in this business. The only companies providing really low prices are either con artists or have such a bad reputation that nobody does business with them.


Make the best selection when selecting an auto transport business by following these guidelines to prevent automobile shipping scams. Here are a few red flags you must look for while looking for a reliable car shipping service:

  • Offering you lower than market rates – especially during the busiest seasons, the quote you obtain is absurdly inexpensive compared to all the other firms.
  • The webpage lacks information on the license and the MDOT number.
  • Instead of a company domain, emails are sent from generic domains like Hotmail.
  • There aren’t any internet reviews or other sources of information about the business other than its website.

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