If you’re getting into cannabis, especially legal cannabis found in a dispensary, many products are available to you. It can be a little scary when you’re unfamiliar with the many THC products, such as cannabis-infused edibles, THC oils, concentrates, and flowers. Do you want to know how to enjoy marijuana to the fullest? Here are some tips for selecting the right weed product to enjoy an experience you like.

Consider your personal preferences.

Here are some of the questions to ask yourself include:

  • How much experience do I have with cannabis?
  • Which delivery method suits me best?
  • Will I be using cannabis alone or in a social setting?

Generally, it is best to avoid some Marijuana products if you’re a novice user. For instance, some of the most potent substances can be found in THC concentrates (over 90 percent in some cases). If you are unfamiliar with how cannabis affects you, this could result in an extreme high that is unsettling. Even some THC flower varieties have high potency. Low-THC cannabis or products, like a low-THC strain or a low-dose consumable, may make newcomers feel more at ease.

It’s crucial to think about if smoking is something you should do. Not everyone enjoys smoking marijuana, especially those who might have respiratory problems. Some marijuana products, like edibles, can be enjoyed with a group of friends, while smoking pot would give you a good personal experience. Before you dial a weed delivery Pacific Palisades, evaluate your preferences to order the right weed products for you.

Think about your desired experience

Depending on the cannabinoid and terpene concentration of the cannabis strain, different weed products created using various techniques can also have varying effects. Think about your ideal cannabis experience, including any desired therapeutic effects. Depending on the weed strain, you may feel relaxed, more extroverted, energetic, less discomfort or suffering, creative, or euphoric after using the product. Research more about weed strains so that you know what to expect by using a particular strain.

Consider the terpene profile.

Each strain has a specific cannabinoid and terpene profile. Understanding the potential repercussions before you make a purchase is essential for a positive experience. Examine the THC content of various strains and products.

Examine the other cannabinoids that are already present. For instance, a strain with more CBD (cannabidiol) may be less likely to cause the telltale paranoid effects that THC occasionally does.

Analyze each particular strain’s terpene dominance as well. For instance, because myrcene is a natural sedative, strains heavy in it may make you feel tired more frequently. Think about the effect you want by consuming cannabis and how the terpene profile contributes to that effect.

Consider the consumption method.

To use concentrates, you’ll need a dab rig, a dab pen, or some prior experience blending them with dry herbs. Cannabis flower works well for smoking, and consuming edibles is as simple as eating or drinking them. Note that each cannabis variety may require a different set of accessories and various consuming techniques.

The takeaway

Depending on your needs, you can talk to a knowledgeable budtender to help pick the right product.

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