Although General Motors is one of the leading and dominating car manufacturers in the auto industry, they still face lemon issues. If you have purchased a vehicle such as the Cadillac, Buick, GMS, or Chevrolet and have mechanical or maintenance problems that seem unending, you might want to contact a lemon law expert to help with your case.

But first, how do you ascertain that your GM is a lemon?

Before undertaking the GM lemon law process, you need to ascertain whether you have a lemon law eligible vehicle. To find out, you need to make sure that you are conversant with the principal criterion of GM law cases. Your car must still be under warranty, whether leased, purchased, old or new.

Also, you need to ask yourself whether the vehicle’s issue reduces its value or is risky to you as the driver and others on the road. Your GM law case has to fit within one of these frameworks to get the equity you deserve.

Additionally, you need to have already given the manufacturer enough chances to repair your car’s mechanical issues. It is then that you can now proceed to hire the services of a lemon law attorney.

Some of the tips to look out for when choosing the ideal law firm for your needs include;

  1. Experience

When choosing a lemon law firm, you want to choose one that has handled breach of warranty claims and lemon law issues against top car manufacturers in the industry. An experienced professional has a track record of successfully solving a majority of the claims and has helped many clients recover significant amounts of settlements, including cash refunds and new cars.

You also want to choose a lemon law firm that has been in the industry for a while. That is because with experience comes expertise and skills needed in this field. A professional with the relevant knowledge can navigate through lemon law cases and tackle any industry-leading car manufacturers with lemon law vehicles head-on.

With their skills and experience in General Motors lemon law, these law firms handle your cases in as quick as sixty days and dedicate their time to helping you get a fair settlement.

A lemon law firm with experience brings your case to a successful conclusion and give you all the assistance you need.

  1. Certifications

When choosing a lemon law firm, you want to consider one certified to handle their job. That means verifying all their documentation to ascertain that they are best suited for the job. To ensure that you are dealing with ideal professionals, you need to ask to see copies of their credentials.

Since some of this crucial information is on their site, you must scan through to ensure that you’re dealing with qualified professionals. You might want to steer away from uncertified professionals since they might fail to give you the best representation you need.


When looking for a lemon law firm, you want to choose one that is successful and recognized for its lemon law services. The ideal firm is nationally and locally recognized as an industry leader and has successfully served thousands of clients.

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