The main reason most choose the purchase of a used big rig over new is obviously because of money. Although the prospect of buying a used semi-truck is a cost saver, an unreliable truck will eventually cost more money than a new one. This is why is one is considering a leap, it is best to make that leap a well-educated one.

Know Your Specs

Semi trucks are used for a variety of purposes. When considering the purchase of a used big rig the specs of said rig need to be vetted. A well-maintained truck is a must but the engine and driveline also need consideration. If the specs do not match up then you will buy a rig you cannot use. So, do some research and ensure that focus is paid to the truck that gets your specific job done. If anything, it will help narrow down the available choices.

Use the Internet

Online sales platforms are very useful to connect perspective buyers with sellers. Searching for used freightliner trucks for sale will bring up a wealth of options. Luckily, those options will contain important information. Information that can tell consumer who know what to look for a good deal from bad. Key points to consider when purchasing a truck will be listed here. Those points include:

  • Mileage
  • Maintenance Records
  • Engine History
  • Capacity
  • Engine Specs
  • Condition Description


When considering a used-truck purchase it is wise to go with a dealer rather than a private individual. There are certainly more risks involved in a private transaction, and dealerships require positive sales to stay in business. A dealership is reviewed, licensed for business, and beholden to certain requirements. Dealerships also offer warranties that protect consumers from lemons. They provide a more legitimate way to gain compensation if the deal goes bad.

Check for Rust

Dealerships that sell used rigs always check for rust. If buying from an individual this is an important step to take. Rust damages the exterior of the truck as well as the inside. Such structural weakness can affect the semi’s ability to sustain a load. Even when using a dealer checking every inch of the truck in daylight is a good idea. If you spot rust it may be good time to walk away.

Check the Resale Value

No truck is truly meant to last, not with the type of work rigs do. Trucks have a life expectancy, and some are only designed to function for a few years. Checking the truck to ensure that it is not past its prime is also an important step. Purchasing a throw-away truck will negatively affect dependability. So, fact-check the manufactures and models, familiarize yourself with their rating, and choose a truck that is built to last. This is key for used trucks, as dependable semis are not affected by used-status. Throw away trucks are only good when they are new.


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