GPS is not a very recent invention since it dates from the sixties. This electronic “bidule” was developed at the request of the US government in the context of the Cold War and the Vietnam War and now we find it in our smartphones, in our vehicles and on our motorcycles. To replace a road map, there is no better than best motorcycle GPS, except of course if you are an expert motorcyclist and you have a penchant for chaotic journeys.

GPS makes traveling easier

GPS is still very little in the world of two wheels. But this device is very useful, especially for those who are used to travel long distances. GPS makes driving easier as it informs us about the best way to go, as well as the traffic situation in some cases. Since you can not constantly focus your attention on the GPS screen on a motorcycle, you need to prioritize the vocal part of the device. Before proceeding with the purchase, you must verify that the GPS works perfectly well at this level.

Criteria to consider before buying a GPS

Other criteria you need to consider are the screen size, traffic info, Bluetooth function, voice recognition and most important of all: the connected service. The entry-level models have almost all these features, but necessarily they are less efficient than the high-end models. These board embedded cameras, it must be admitted that it gives us even more desire to choose them.

The key points of a good GPS

Cards for life

The performance of a GPS depends on mapping. The ideal is to opt for a device that is easy to update, it will always show you the correct routes.

The traffic info

In the past, traffic info was transmitted over radio waves via TMC-RDS technology, and was then greatly improved thanks to mobile networks. There is no better anti-stress weapon than traffic info, so be sure to ask for your GPS to be equipped with it.

Connected services

Connected services are now inseparable from GPS. With the internet at any time, you will have faster access to traffic information or find an address to which you must go.

The screens

On a motorcycle, you will need to keep an eye on the road and one eye on the screen. It is therefore necessary that the screen is larger and of better quality. What you need is a personal navigation assistant. This GPS of a new kind will allow you a navigation more fluid and then reassuring.

GPS support

The type of support greatly affects the comfort of using the GPS. You have the choice between the suction cup holder or with built-in charger of active type or the passive support.

Can we fit the GPS of a car on a motorcycle?

If your budget is tight enough, you can of course adapt the GPS of a car on your bike. You can find equipment that will allow you to fix these GPS on your bike, as it is the case of waterproof pouches. However, be careful that the GPS has a jack. So, you will be able to connect your headphones as you slide gently under your helmet. If the GPS is not equipped with a jack, you just have to adapt the air tube solution which consists of recovering the sound of the GPS by going back directly to the headset.

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