Be it an easy relocation or just a simple rearranging of your items, is such a huge task to try and move heavy furniture. You could use simple techniques when moving heavy and awkward items without hurting your back, the furniture, or your house. You want to transfer heavy furniture all by yourself –  try using your head, and avoid using your back. If you follow through with these recommendations, you can move furniture easily, like California movers.

Carry huge items in a high and low position

With the tall dresser, it can be awkward to carry shelving units or filing cabinets. Get two people for this task. Try to push back the item to be at a tipping position, while creating an angle. Somebody can be made to hold it at the top while one other person carries it at the bottom. This method is used to center the item’s weight and stop it from swinging beyond your control.

Hook the chairs at the corners

Your large easy home chair can be very difficult to move out. You can follow the method that pro movers use. Hook up these large chairs within the corners. Face the chairs at the side to make them have an “L” position. Try to use a back-first position through your doorway. Curl it up and hook the furniture around the frame of the door, while trying to slip the item through the doorway.

Moving a couch: Get your couch to stand at the end

When it seems that you will need to move your couch down your hallway and through your door, this could be difficult to be done horizontally. It could be hard to turn it to get inside your room. Right before getting into your hallway, you need to put the couch around the end and move it towards the doorway. You can be able to hook the item through your door. When it is slightly taller than the opening on your door, have its top away from your door, this will give your clearance of several inches.

The shoulder dolly – straps for carrying furniture

A shoulder dolly used by furniture movers is a move and lift strap for people moving heavy furniture. This can be used to remove the weight away from your back. It works by helping you to depend on big muscle groups. They also give your hands the freedom to move awkward items. Then again, it could be difficult when trying to use the straps around the stairs since this can be used to completely transfer the weight to the item mover downhill.

Straps for carrying furniture

Are you in need of lifting straps that can be modified to suit objects of different lengths and couch movers of different sizes? The straps are used by professional furniture movers for moving heavy furniture.

Try to slide instead of dragging or carrying

Furniture slides can be bought in various sizes and shapes both online and in physical stores. It is also easy for you to create your sliders using plastic covers for containers, bedspreads, Frisbees, towels, carpet remnants, and towels. Hard plastic home sliders can be used for carpets, while soft and padded sliders can be used in the case of hard flooring.

Protect your furniture by using plastics and blankets

When moving home items, it is important to get moving blankets. These are important for your items and your home. This could be cheap to rent, however, you can buy a few of these.

Get a stretch film and moving blankets to protect furniture, tables, and dressers. This can be used to protect the fragile and finished edges of these home items.

Produce a sling for your mattress

It could be difficult to carry a floppy and heavy mattress. A lot of mattresses come with handles, but not good for you to carry them with. This helps you keep the mattress in position. An easier way for you to carry your mattress is to make a simple mattress rope sling. This will make the people carrying the mattress get more control. Get the rope threaded through the handles of the mattress. Slip in a 5-inches part of a 1 inch PVC pipe on top of the ends of the rope and try to loop them and tie up both ends. This should be good to create a sling grip that is comfortable. Try to flip over the mattress to have the sling at the bottom.

Cut open a box spring and fold it

Is the box spring very big to go into your stairway? Or is it too big to fit around a corner that is tight? You could easily get a “split” moving box spring that has been designed specifically to do this. Or you could just cut open any old box spring and try to fold it up to make it fit. There usually is a simple method to cut open the box spring and fold it without damaging it. Try to peel back the fabric cover and put the box spring in a face-down position.

Pull the mattress cover back along all sides and cut through its frame either to the right or the left side of the center of the crosspiece (avoid cutting through your crosspiece). This can be done on each side and around the center. You can fold up the box spring to look like a book. Get a strap to secure it and stop it not to spring open. Use a 1×2 screw to put them back together as you screw through the cuts of the crosspiece and against the inner parts of your mattresses outer frame. This is used to get them reinforced. You can then staple back the cover of the fabric.

Plan for a better place to locate all furniture

When you are moving to another house, you should try to decide on the time, where you will put certain furniture. Before moving, you should sketch out a floor plan which comes with the right measurement of all the rooms. Measure out the furniture and create a layout. Then while you are moving in your things, you can get either you or anyone of your helpers to place the furniture in the right location and do not touch it ever. To help your movers move furniture easily, get a copy of your new house plan and put it on the wall of every room. This will help direct the couch movers that are moving heavy furniture to the right position of furniture items.

Remove the back from your recliner

Look for the brackets inside or the outside of the rear side of your frame. Lift its locking levers which are located on the two sides and slide up the back to get it off the recliner. Like professional California movers, you should always raise your recliner and avoid doing this with the footrest or the back. Try to secure the footrest to stop it from springing open.

Take off anything that you can

If you are moving off your sofa through your doorway, remember to do this: you can easily minimize its size by several inches by taking off its feet. A similar principle applies to any furniture item that you need to make lighter or sleeker: you could take off all its knobs, legs, racks, shelves, and drawers.

Take off the door stop the moulding device

At times, you will need about ½ inches more to get your things through your doorway. If you do not get enough space by removing the door, try to remove the door stop moulding. This can give you more than ¾ inch of space.

Use a ramp to move it up and down

You can get lumber, blocks, and scaffold planks to form ramps that will be used to maneuver your belongings.

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