You just finished doing all your chores, and you have plenty of bags with you. When you reach for the keys in your wallet, you realize they’re not there. You drop the bags and keep looking elsewhere. Despite your efforts, you still can’t find the keys. Before you panic, you have to understand that there’s still a way out.

Trace your path

Go back to where you came from and check if you left the keys there. Perhaps, they’re on the counter when you purchased some groceries. You might have dropped them while walking back. You didn’t notice because you had plenty of bags. Keep trying until you find them. If you already looked everywhere and still can’t find the keys, you must accept that you lost them.

Call a locksmith

If you have a manual key, it’s not a problem. A locksmith can make a key on the spot. As long as you can prove that it’s your car, the locksmith will do it for you. Ensure you partner with a licensed locksmith since it’s illegal to recreate car keys without proper authorization.

Call a towing company 

For automatic keys or keyless ignition, you need a towing company. The keys are too secure, and the design was intentional to avoid anyone from breaking in. You can only access the car with the keys. You also can’t call anyone to make a replacement key on the spot. The only way to be out of that situation is by calling a towing company in Miami. Let the dealership know about what happened, and you will soon get the replacement key. It could take a while, though, so you have to be patient. There are a few documents you need to prepare to claim the replacement key. Again, you need proof of ownership. It’s for safety purposes. You might feel terrible about waiting longer, but it’s for security reasons. You don’t want anyone to claim ownership of your car and get a replacement key.

Find a safe place

While waiting for the arrival of help, you need to look for a safe place. It’s true if you end up with this situation in the middle of the night. Stay among the crowd so no one can do you wrong. Don’t show how distressed you are. Pretend that everything is okay. Don’t announce to everyone that you lost your keys. Apart from not believing you, there’s also a chance that someone will take advantage of the situation.

Learn from this experience

Given what happened, you should learn your lesson. You can’t make the same mistake in the future. Be careful with where you keep your things. You should also have the same spot in your bag or purse where you can keep the keys. Check all your belongings before leaving an area. If you notice something is missing, you should look for it first before moving forward. Always stay calm and hope for the best.

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