Some people who are certified car freaks would oftentime come up with ideas on how to modify their cars to include features that were not originally in the car when it rolled off the manufacturer’s line. The only thought that stops them at times is how the modifications would affect the value of their cars.  Modifying a car can be tricky at times as the wrong modifications can result in you being presented with a lower value than you expect when you carry out a custom car appraisal Birmingham. This doesn’t mean that all modifications will bear negative impacts on your car’s value. However, figuring out the good and the bad modifications might be key to protecting your investment.

The Good Modifications

It is noteworthy that no matter how good and essential your car modifications are, it could be worth nothing to the next buyer. In fact, he might not just be indifferent to the modifications, but actually like the car less because of them. Having said this, here are some good modifications you can carry out

  • Upgrade Your Brake Pads

If you are looking to modify your car, then consider switching from the regular semi-metallic brake pads your car most probably has right now to a fully ceramic one. Ceramic brake pads are not only expensive but are also very effective. It’ll surely boost your cars’ worth during a custom car appraisal Birmingham.

  • Get Some High-Performance Tires

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get bigger rims. Not everyone likes bigger rims. However, anyone who’s a bit concerned about his safety when driving would definitely like to see an excellent set of high-performance tires underneath a cars’ chassis. These babies with their fully- optimized rubber compounds to fit any temperature – summer or winter – would guarantee better traction, braking, cornering, and driving in general.

  • Increase the Car’s Intake and Exhaust

A car’s engine is basically a mixer of fuel and air. It then combusts this mixture to produce the energy needed to power your car. Therefore, it follows that to increase your car’s performance; you might want to increase the amount of air that enters the engine and the fumes that escapes it. This means you have to free up your car’s intake system and make the exhaust less restrictive.

These are just 3 examples of modifications that will most likely boost the value of your car. There is no guarantee though that it would because as we’ve pointed out earlier, personal preferences make it very hard to determine what the best modifications are.

Bad Modification

Whatever modifications are mentioned here are not bad in a stark sense. It just means that they’ll most likely negatively affect your car’s worth because not everyone likes them.

Generally, most performance and aesthetic related modifications are risky ones to carry out. An adventurous paint job, bigger rims and tires, higher suspensions, large spoilers, floor lights, tinted windows, and a host of others are features that are highly subjected to personal preferences. So, if you are looking to sell your car later in the future, it’s best to avoid these sorts of modifications.

If you must modify your car though, ensure you keep all the original parts. Also, try as much as possible to get OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts for the upgrades you make. This would also positively affect your cars’ value.

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