You are definitely in luck if you’ve been contemplating the perfect trip around Germany. Why? We’re fascinated about exploring Germany because it’s an incredible country and we’ve been around different parts of it.

That said, planning a road trip to a country like Germany can be tough because there is just so much to see and do!

So, if you’re looking forward to a 5 days Germany itinerary – here’s our master guide with 5 detailed itineraries in Germany by car.

Day 1 – Munich

This itinerary would be starting and (ending) in Munich since it has an airport which makes it easy to fly in and out from various parts of the world.

The connections to Munich are also quite good if you’re coming in by train from another part of Europe.

There is so much more to see and do in Munich. We are always excited about visiting Munich because there is always a chance to explore. If you’re thinking about using a rental car for this itinerary, then you’ll be happy to know that it is quite easy to rent luxury car in Munich.

You can either get it directly at the airport as soon as you landed (if you came by plane) or in the city center before you go to the next route on this journey.

Must see places in Munich:

Olympic Park

English Garden

Marienplatz with New Town Hall

Victuals Market

Day 2 – Regensburg

On day two of your journey, you should pass through Regensburg, a small city on the Danube river located in Bavaria. Due to it being situated by the river, Regensburg is a common stop for people on a river cruise. The trip to Regensburg from Munich takes about 1 hr 20 minutes by car.

Must see places in Regensburg:


St Peter Cathedral

Old Stone Bridge

Danube River

Day 3 – Nuremberg

On the third day of this 5-day itinerary around the Southern Part of Germany, you’ll drive from Regensburg to Nuremberg.

Nuremberg is a medium-sized city in Franconia, a part of Bavaria. The city is quite popular amongst travelers from abroad for the Nuremberg Trials which reportedly happened there after World War II. There is certainly a lot of history for you to learn in this German city.

Since Nuremberg isn’t quite far from Regensburg, the drive won’t take long, ultimately giving you extra time to explore the city. The trip takes about 1 hr 10 minutes by car.

Must-see places in Nuremberg:

Documentation Center + Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Imperial Castle of Nuremberg

Albrecht Dürer’s House

Day 4 – Stuttgart

Stuttgart is the capital of a state in Germany called Baden-Württemberg and the only location on this itinerary outside Bavaria. The city is widely known for being a “car hub” since the headquarters of both Porsche and Mercedes Benz are situated there. Both car brands also have museums dedicated to them there.

Stuttgart has wonderful places to explore despite being a bit smaller than Munich. One day isn’t enough to see the whole city, but it’ll allow you to have a good first impression.

You could decide to visit car museums, or many of the ancient buildings, or green spaces the city has to offer.

Driving to Stuttgart from Nuremberg by car will take you about 2 hrs 15 minutes

Must see places in Stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz Museum


Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Day 5 – Munich

On the last day of your journey, you’ll have to go back to Munich since it’s much easier to leave Germany through its airport than smaller airports in other areas.

Your trip from Stuttgart to Munich will take about 2hrs 20 minutes by car.

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